Grey San Francisco

A couple of weeks ago a friend and I drove up to San Francisco from Los Angeles for a quick Thursday night/ Friday morning through Sunday night trip. Daniel was there for a coding event and I was there because I only had to pay half for gas / hotel room as well as test out my new Sony a6000.

Here are a few images from the quick trip:


Somewhere on the 5.


Friday Morning at At&T Park.


Apartments near the SF Museum of Modern Art.


Saturday night at the Bay Bridge


Saturday Morning at Battery Spencer looking at the Golden Gate Bridge


Saturday Morning at the Golden Gate Bridge


The Painted Ladies Saturday Afternoon

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Somewhere on the 5.

Since it was so grey I decided to try and show the ugly fog that covers the city.

Special thanks to @rischyrisch (Damon Risch) and (Tyler Drushell) for hanging out in the pouring rain on Saturday.


And of course to Daniel Serrano for driving and doing most of the planning.

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CicLavia – Heart of LA 2016

I heard of the event CicLavia through a friend and decided I couldn’t miss the opportunity to cycle and photograph in the middle of L.A. streets. Here are a few people who couldn’t pass up the opportunity as well.

Off to meet a friend!

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I couldn’t pass up a particular backdrop.


Said friend:

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An LA day wouldn’t be complete without a bridge and some graffiti.

Thanks for checking out the portraits, and remember to look out for cyclists while driving. We come in all kinds of varieties.

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Cyclists Crash the LA Marathon

Cyclists met at the corner of Fountain and Sunset to ride the LA Marathon course before the race. I decided to meet up with them before the 5:00 AM roll time. Here are some of the characters I met.