CA. 2015



Work sometimes brings me to cool and interesting places. Cool places like the underground of Dodger Stadium or the inside of a packed bus in San Francisco.


Sports Illustrated / Los Angeles, CA. / 2014

Sometimes I’m editing, sometimes shooting, other times I am holding a box over my head as a human scrim. Here is the start of a new hashtag for me as well as a personal project.


CSUF / Los Alamitos, CA / 2014

I started shooting this after reading Instant Baseball: The Baseball Instagrams of Brad Mangin and this project is influenced by him. I have always been hesitant to use my iPhone for photography, not sure where that came from… probably because I am afraid of technology.

I like using panoramas because it gives a glimpse into a current environment  Especially when that environment is the opposite of what panoramas are used for. Like tight spaces.


Freelance / San Francisco, CA. 2014

More images will be coming to my Instagram and hopefully in the future to my website.

Keep shooting, keep failing, keep tinkering, and keep reading.

You miss 100% of the shots you dont take.

-Wayne Gretzky

-Michael Scott

-Robert Huskey